We only use meat suppliers who give their animals the freedom to roam,  our eggs are always free range and we try to use as much organic and local produce as we can.



(served all day)

Fumbally Eggs 5.00
Scrambled with olive oil, Gubbeen cheese, garlic and tomatoes on toasted brioche

Eggs & Ham 6.50
The Fumbally eggs with added Gubbeen hot smoked ham

Avocado 5.00
Avocado on rustic toast w/ fresh chilli, tomato & olive oil

Self Service Porridge 4.00
Help yourself from the counter and come again if you please.
Toppings change daily – available until 11.30am



(daily specials written above the till)
Add on to any main – cup of soup 2.50,  Side salad  2.50


Wrap 5.00 / Plate 7.00

Pulled Porchetta 6.00
Ciabatta with slow roasted pork , caper mayo and spiced apple sauce

Soup 5.00
Daily soup with bread

Salad Plate 8.50
Selection of daily salads (add falafel 1.50)

Avocado 7.50
Avocado w/ chilli and tomato on rustic toast with side salad

Fresh squeezed Orange juice 3.00  /  Bergamot & Apple-ade 3.50



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