In collaboration with Le Caveau Wine Merchants and Anthony Cointre. With visiting natural winemakers Agnés and Jean Foillard and Thierry Puzelat

Le Caveau presents an exclusive evening event focusing on minimal intervention wines and no frills seasonal French cooking, with a lot of heart.  Antony Cointre, the Flying Cook, will be accompanied by his friends: natural winemakers Agnès and Jean Foillard from the Beaujolais region; Thierry Puzelat from the Loire Valley, as well as the writer, comedian and wine enthusiast Sébastien Barrier.

The dinner, which will take place in The Fumbally Café will feature a six-course tasting menu prepared by Antony, alongside a choice menu of wines from the winegrowers.

All wine will be available at cost price on the night.




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The Fumbally 2021