indoor & outdoor seating
& take away

Breakfast & Lunch
9am – 3pm

Coffees, drinks & wine
by the glass until 5pm

No booking needed

The café is the heart and soul of everything at The Fumbally…

It’s a neighbourhood joint – one that we always come back to. What was once the full café floor is now shared with the shop and we use all the same suppliers and growers that you see on the shop shelves.

Our menus are made up of worldwide influence with an emphasis on local ingredients.

Current café menu

Kitchen Ethos

We run a circular kitchen at The Fumbally which means that our chefs are all working together and move around the kitchen in different roles instead of up a hierarchical ladder.

We believe that in its essence cooking is a shared creation and that everyone should have an equal amount of creative input into the menus.

The Garden

Abundance in small spaces – The Fumbally Garden is a humble patch out the back of the café next to the fermentation shed, which by no means sustains our menus, but it does allow us to run out in the mornings to pick fresh herbs, flowers for the salads and plenty of kale and chard. And sometimes there are gluts of things that make their way into the shop shelves. This year we experimented with perennial chilis, were surprised by how happy our french runner beans were and our outdoor tomatoes would give any polytunnel a run for their money. No sprays, no chemicals just amazing compost from Tony Louth and a whole lot of grá.

The Fumbally 2021