We make fermented foods because we believe in the role they play in a balanced lifestyle…

and because they taste so damn good

Fumbally Ferments are always evolving, a batch of kimchi will never be exactly the same twice. Even if we wanted it to be.

This is because fermented foods are alive and we (the humans) are only partially in control. We control the environment, provide the food and steer the friendly bacteria in the right direction in order for them to do their job of transforming the cabbages and other vegetables and grains into delicious and pro-biotic treats.

Fermented foods are a permanent feature in our kitchen and  represent more than just delicious sour and tangy flavours. They embody a way of looking at the world. Giving things time, allowing them to be different and working to always create an environment that supports the good over the bad

We ferment to preserve, to experiment, to work with nature’s gluts, to create flavour and to understand the overall balance of the world a bit better.

Our product range:

kimchi / kimchi juice / hot sauce / turmeric kraut / caraway kraut / miso bomb / cabáiste

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