December 9th, 10th & 11th 2022

at The Fumbally Stables

Friday 12 – 7pm

Saturday 10 – 6pm

Sunday 10 – 6pm

* the fumbally café & shop will be open all three days alongside the market

rotating stalls of food producers, artists, independent crafters and creatives


all indoors


All Around The Sun

All Around The Sun are Anna O’Byrne, a fine artist and maker and Brian Heffernan, graphic designer. We live in a small house in Dublin with our daughter Eve.   

“We began by making cards to help mark occasions with weight and sincerity. The result of conversation and our shared appreciation for the tactility of paper, the work occupies a space somewhere between art and design. Brian’s role involves the generation of form and the space between the products while Anna works with a focus on colour and ensuring each product is a statement in its own right.  Sustainability, craft and community lie at heart of the ethos that informs the work. Our products are inspired by the shared human experience and celebrate the everyday highs and lows that make up our lives.”

at the market on friday and saturday

Another Love Story

Another Love Story is a bespoke festival weekender of music, art, conversation, food & friends that takes place every August in Killyon Manor in Co Meath. 

“Why do we do it? Well, it started as a house party and we grew it organically from there. It was born out of a collective love for music and art, and a commitment to supporting and showcasing Irish artists. We discovered it’s really rewarding to work with a dedicated crew of like-minded souls to create a unique moment in the year when we can gather and celebrate with our wider community. It’s our chance to collaborate with performers, artists, engineers, architects and all sorts of talented people to intentionally build a temporary space for people to connect and share.” 

At the Fumbally market we will be selling the perfect gift for your festival loving pals and loved ones – a beautiful limited edition letterpress ticket gift token to Another Love Story 2023 created by our dear friends in One Strong Arm. 

Each beautiful token is valid as a Weekend Camping Ticket to ALS 23 – which runs August 18th – 20th 2023. 

We will also be selling festival merchandise like sweaters, t-shirts and totes to kit you out for those festival days to come.

As this is our first time doing printed tokens, we’ll be running a few draws. By coming to visit us at the stall, we’ll enter you into a draw to win tickets to the festival. And each token purchased will be entered into a draw for an upgrade of a weekend boutique camping package for 2.

At the market friday and saturday

Badly Made Books

for big dreams, quick thoughts & bad ideas
badly made books
are handmade with machines
& printed with restraint
on recycled paper
in Togher,
Cork City

at the market on sunday

Bodhi Blends

Bodhi Blends is a humble little shop of sprays, balms and lotions using plant based potions. Working with high quality, organic and ethically sourced botanical ingredients to create products that are designed to support and nourish inside and out. Carefully crafted by hand in small batches with lots of love by Aisling Walsh in Dublin.

“I started Bodhi Blends years ago to satisfy my own creative itch I have for concocting. I love everything about the creative process this job allows me- deciding what kind of thing I want to make and why, sourcing the best quality ingredients for it, the many many trials that go into perfecting the final result (many imperfect jars gifted to pals in the meantime!), the excitement when I finalise a formulation, the beautiful smells, the gorgeous sensation smearing it onto skin and the lovely warm fuzzy feeling seeing other people try it out. I know the cosmetic industry can be a bit gross in terms of preying on peoples’ physical insecurities. But for me skincare is all about the application and the ritual that you can create around it – Taking the time to really luxuriate in applying something nourishing to your skin, tuning into the smells, breathing them in, giving yourself a little mini massage while you’re at it.”

at the market all three days

Dublin Honey Project

Kieran Harnett is the man behind Dublin Honey Project who has been tending to hives in the Dublin region for over 6 years now. 

“We have dedicated ourselves to helping boost the population of our threatened Native Irish Honeybees in and around Dublin. The welfare of our bees is always at the forefront of our management ethos and we re-invest profits into efforts to conserve our native bees and help them fight hybridization from imported strains. 

We keep our hives on rooftops and institutions around the city and green-field sites in Co. Dublin. Our raw honey is sold course-filtered and post-coded to ensure honey-lovers can get their hands on honey as locally as possible.

In August we take the girls on their holidays to the Dublin mountains, where they collect amazing heather honey.”

at the market on sunday

Ellie Dunne Art

“I am 23 and I live in Dublin. I have Down Syndrome. I am studying art at Stillorgan College of Further Education and I hope to go to art college in the future. I have always drawn and painted but during lockdown I had more time to spend on my art. I painted A LOT.  My work is all abstract and I love colour and pattern. I love the work of Sean Scully, Anni Albers and Agnes Martin. 

My mum started knitting again during lockdown and she made blankets inspired by my art. Everyone loved the blankets but each one took months to make by hand so we decided to see if we could collaborate with a weaver. We have been working with Cushendale in Co. Kilkenny ever since, and this year we made the Ukraine blanket together which raised €15k for Irish Red Cross. The Merrion Hotel commissioned me to make a special blanket to celebrate their 25th anniversary and I took inspiration from the Mainie Jellett painting which hangs in their reception. I love her work too. 

I had two solo exhibitions this year – at Emo Court in Co Laois and at Westival in Westport – and the Government has bought three of my paintings for the National Collection.

This year for Christmas I have two blankets for sale. I also have a signed limited edition fine art print. Everything is made in Ireland.”

at the market all three days

Harrys Nut Butter

Harry’s Nut Butter return to the Long Room where it all began for them three years ago. Literally, this room was their factory during covid. Harry will be there over the weekend with all the usual amazing nut butters, their new truffles and a few surprises.

“If you’re a fan of the Fumbally and The Fumbally Stables, you may have heard of us already.  We started Harry’s Nut Butter in the back kitchen of the cafe, messing around with a food processor, some toasted nuts and a bit of paprika. We’ve grown up now and outgrew the Fumbally’s kitchen, so we moved around the corner and we still come here for our lunch. Which is the equivalent of moving out of your parent’s gaff but still getting your washing done by your Ma.”

at the market all three days

Held Studio

Held studio is a pottery project by Katie Coldrick, of hand built and wheel thrown pieces. Part functional, part decorative, including cups, bowls, candle-holders and some other objects to accompany you on your daily rituals. 

“I like to find the beauty in the humble cup of tea, the lighting of a candle or the feeling of your favourite texture in your hands. I hope my objects find their way to people who use them for a moment of pause, reflection and enjoyment. Natural materials and colours are a source of inspiration. I love how things made with natural materials always connect us to their origin, with pottery that means clay and the earth. I work from wherever I can so some of my work is earthenware and some stoneware. It’s special to return to the Fumbally alongside Brenda Kearney (who i’ll be sharing my stall with) where we ran our first craft market and join alongside so many other inspirational makers and crafters.” 

At the market all three days

Iggy’s Little Demons

Unique – kind of creepy – creatures made of 100 % recycled fabrics. Made by Chilean Manitos
***WHAT´S my story?
Made in Dublin by Chilean hands, these special and kind of creepy creatures are made of 100% recycled fabrics. Most of them, donated by English Students from more countries that I can remember.
“What is trash for some is gold to others”.
 So where someone sees just an old jeans or t-shirt, I see a infinites possibilities of creatures. Crafted in a beautiful and cosy little room in Dublin, each demon is completely unique and made with an obsessive attention to detail, with good background music and hundreds of cups of tea.

At the market on Sunday

Kari Cahill Studio

Kari Cahill is Ireland’s leading Pigment forager. She is a visual artist living and working on the West Coast of Ireland. Kari creates paintings using earth, botanics, seaweed and sunlight – harnessing the abundance of colour found in nature to create gestural and experimental artworks. 

“Visually I create bold visceral works that capture the essence of the natural landscape.  Each landscape has its own pallet, and the artworks available at the market this year will showcase the abundance of colour to be found all around us. I create ink from botanics and seaweed, I mull paint from iron-rich earth pigment and use sunlight to create the colours I use in my paintings. I drip, scrape and pour these colours onto paper and canvas, creating mesmerising organic marks and patternations that echo the textures found in the natural environment. 

The market is a wonderful opportunity to see the artworks in real life. The colours and patterns really jump off the surface of the works. I’ll be selling a wide variety of works on paper and canvas in various sizes to suit your space, budget and taste. “

at the market on friday and saturday

Kiki Na Art 

Unique and one of a kind hand painted jewellery made in Dublin. All of the jewellery pieces are unique and one of a kind. We also have Sokiki clothing which includes great quality sweatshirts and T-shirts featuring images of icons such as Kate Bush, Sinead O’Connor and Dolly Parton.

“Tallaght born but baptised into the Liberties by an old local woman in the Liberty bell some years back. Got my fine art degree in Gggg Galway in 2004 after which I travelled to Vietnam in 2005 and stayed for seven years working as the Art and Music Project Coordinator for The Christina Noble Children’s Foundation. I’m a director on the board of the Foundation to this day. Married to the gorgeous Duc and art is my passion, my baby, my life and love. Living in Blackpitts and making art and jewellery from my wee studio in the back room of me gaff.

I choose icons to feature in my work mainly based on their contribution to society. I choose people who’ve impacted on others in a positive way through mainly music and art. People like Bowie, Grace Jones and Debbie Harry. I also like icons who’s look is creative too, as the central image is so important to the overall piece” 

at the market all three days

Kirk Modern

Geoff Kirk sources vintage originals and iconic mid-century modern design classics from around the world. Specialising in Scandinavian post-war design, kirkmodern sells a range of original mid-century furniture, ceramics, vintage glass and accessories. 

“I started collecting Scandinavian design when I worked as a creative director in advertising. I buy original interesting, quirky and iconic designs from the 1950s-1970s and I only buy things I like – I hope you like them too.”

at the market all three days

Liadain Aiken Knitwear

Liadain Aiken designs hand-crafted knitwear that is produced in Ireland by a small team.  They make unisex adult jumpers, hats, mittens & scarves, beautiful soft kids hats and hot water bottle covers. 

“I started making knitwear from a desire to create sustainable, ethical & functional  garments that leave a happy footprint on our earth. My aim is to connect with a community of people who choose their clothes with consciousness and care.  I design and sample each piece in a home/studio in West Cork. The designs are hand-crafted on domestic knitting machines by two knitters working from their homes.  The pieces then come to the studio where myself and a studio assistant finish them. I manage all logistics, photography and social media.  I love seeing these colourful creations out in the world, spreading joy and keeping people cosy.”

at the market all three days

Lino Olivieri

Producer of Extra Virgin Olive Oil from Puglia living in Ireland since 1999

A former trading manager with Amnesty International Lino is also an importer and distributor of quality Italian food products, mainly Organic and Fairtrade, to the Irish Market since 2009.

at the market on sunday

Lolo’s Picklery

Small batch Irish pickled onions

“I learned to pickle while working at the Fumbally Cafe and loved adding pickles of all kinds to every dish I served there. I find they bring sweetness, acidity, colour and texture to almost any meal, and honestly believe that everybody should have a jar of delicious pickles to hand at all times! Lolo’s Picklery was born during a lockdown maternity leave and I still enjoy the simplicity of slicing onions and stuffing them in jars and sending them out into the world for people to enjoy.

at the market all three days

Lost Valley Dairy

The Lost Valley is a micro dairy in West Cork under the care of farmers and cheesemakers Darcie and Mike.

“Here at The Lost Valley Dairy in West Cork, we milk five cows and make two cheeses.  We farm sustainably and make raw milk cheeses using our own native starter culture.  We will be selling Christmas Cheese Boxes, as well as pieces of cheese…. and of course there will be plenty of samples!  “

At the market all three days

Macken CBD

Macken CBD – grown in County Mayo using regenerative, close-to nature methods. We use a cold pressing extraction that ensures that our hemp oils preserve all the naturally occurring phytocannabinoids, flavonoids and terpenes of the plant.

Seed to shelf – We take pride in every step of the process using gentle drying and traditional pressing to retain flavour and active compounds and through manual harvesting, we can ensure the highest quality. We fertilise our crops with seaweed that we hand-harvest from Clew Bay which is bursting with micronutrients. This attention to detail is what sets us apart from other CBD brands; we believe that the customer deserves to know where and how their hemp products are grown and produced.

Our CBD products:

– Full Spectrum CBD Oil, 1500mg

– Pet CBD Oil, 1000mg (for our furry friends)

– Amazing herbal teas

at the market on friday and saturday

Mangan Studio

Mangan Studio is set in a stone grain loft in Co.Wexford by the Blackstairs mountains. Established by Gayle James in 2020 to produce functional pottery for the home alongside teaching people to create their own work. 

“I’m interested in making pots that promote good food and nourish the people who use them. 

The process of making directly with my hands connects me back to myself, it’s why I teach people how to make their own pots, to bring community into the making process and share the empowering tools it offers.  It comes down to building and contributing to a community of people who take care of each other and themselves.” 

at the market all three days

Native Circles

Native Circles are the artworks of Emily Robyn Archer, a collection of nature based wooden wheels and notebooks aimed at informing and reminding us of the many cycles in nature that surround us.

“Hello I’m Emily, the artist behind Native Circles Art. I create circular artworks based around the cycles of nature. They are mounted on wood, come with a bespoke wooden stand and are designed to be hand-turned with the changing seasons or natural cycle. There are 10 different designs to choose from: Lunar Phases, Wheel of the year, and Seasonal food to name a few. 

I used to work in the Fumbally, and I am lucky enough to find myself immersed in a wonderfully vibrant food/ growing/ making community ever since. Perhaps as a result of this, this year,  my new designs are all about Seasonal Food – in our gardens, homes and wild hedgerows. One is called ‘Veg Patch’ and it’s a guide on what to plant and when in the vegetable garden. The other is called ‘Seasonal Foraging in the hedgerow’ and that one displays some of the magnificent edible plants to be found throughout the year in our wild hedgerows. I have another print called ‘Seasonal Food’ which is all about what local fruit and veg is in season – so we can be smarter about our shopping choices too. I think these three are a powerful trio all about the simplicity & satisfaction of good seasonal food whether you buy it, forage it or grow it yourself! 

I hope that these new prints give more of us the nudge we need to get curious about our food, where it comes from and the fascinating and magical world of edible plants.”

at the market all three days


Open Hive was established by Mark Earley, Kyle Petrie and Jack McGrath. They combine modern and sustainable techniques and the traditional craft of keeping bees. They’ll be selling Summer blossom honey, soft set wicklow honey, heather honeycomb & hand rolled Irish beeswax candles.

“We have 13 apiaries across South county Dublin and North Wicklow and we sell the raw honey from these hives to support our conservation mission. The conservation of the native Irish honey bee is at the heart of everything we do. “

at the market on friday and saturday

Proper Chocolate Company

Proper Chocolate Company, founded in 2016 by husband and wife team Patrick and Kelli Marjolet.

“Making chocolate is our passion (We’re kinda obsessed, actually.) 

We transform ethically-sourced, high-quality cocoa beans into fine chocolate. As bean-to-bar chocolate makers, we hand sort, roast, crack and winnow the cocoa beans then refine, conch, age, temper, mould and package our chocolate– all from our Glasnevin facilities.”

At the market friday and saturday


“Hi there, my name is Sinéad and I sell vintage clothing. I started collecting in the early 1990s as a student of Fashion and then Textile Design at NCAD. Running over to the Ivy Market on a Friday and going to the Hill early on a Saturday morning. My hometown of Bray was always a great hunting ground with a plethora of charity shops including War on Want (now closed). 

My stock is sourced in Ireland. Old clothes, some unworn, some with signs of age, wear and tear that adds to their appeal. Ready to wear pieces for the modern wardrobe. 

I gather up pieces that appeal to me for their colour, texture, fit and detail. Many of the pieces are Irish manufactured. Tailoring, Knitwear and separates from the 1970s, 80s and early 90s. Beautiful pieces from labels including Brian Tucker, Private Collection, Donald Davies, Michael Gall, John Rocha Chinatown, Mary Gregory. …….

Woolen garments appeal to me in particular, Irish wool, for the lustre of the yarn, the texture, the breathable natural fibre. For this year’s Fumbally Christmas Market I have a gorgeous collection of tactile pieces, mostly Women’s Wear with a small selection of Menswear. “

at the market all three days


Samuel Arnold is an artist, musician and illustrator who makes prints, cards and foraging guides .

“As an illustrator and printmaker, my art revolves around my passion for the natural world, particularly in foraging along the coast line; where I gather seaweeds, experiences and stories. These are the things I aim to inspire in others. My printed artwork is always mindful of natural and reused materials and the use of folding design in lieu of glues or binds. Natural card and papers are primarily used.

Allowing various artforms come together, my work as a musician and lyricist come into play with illustration. In these pieces, I merge depiction with storytelling. Having gathered traditional knowledge of foraging seaweeds, I remain curious to the reimagined uses, myths, recipes and remedies… Along the same lines as songwriting, I aim to draw out the characteristics of the seaweed, using stark white lines and dots in lieu of chords and notes.”

at the market on sunday


SEACHTÓ is a soulful affair by Ingrid Doyle & Seán Ó Ceallaigh & their ever expanding network of creative collaborators – sexy 70’s, flower~power, HOT OFF THE STOVE style floristry.

“Born & bred in Dublin, we share a love for each other and the natural world around us. We are practising floral artists & freelance event florists and we are hugely passionate about growing our own plants and materials sustainably & evoking an original take on flower arranging in Éireann.

We will have 2 variations of our “Festive Rebel” wreathes on offer, as well as our fresh floral arrangements & bouquets over the both days. Some dried flower hand-ties too, stylish door-swags & a small selection of really rare plants!”

At the market friday and saturday

Scéal Bakery

Recognised as one of Ireland’s most innovative and acclaimed artisan bakeries, Scéal are working on opening their first bricks and mortar bakery in 2023. At the market this year they will have their signature christmas pudding and mice pies alongside some jarred festive items – vanilla sea salt brandy butter, marsala soaked prunes, whiskey caramel, three fruit marmalade and blackberry lemon verbena jam. 

“Hi, Charlotte from Scéal Bakery here. Myself and my partner Shane founded Scéal back in 2017. It stemmed from a craving – we couldn’t find the pastries and sourdough we’d enjoyed eating while living in San Francisco that we started to bake our own. 

My main focus at the moment is our Christmas Puddings. The recipe is something that I hold very close to my heart. It dates back to 1903 and was passed down to me through family. It is the recipe I grew up with and I learnt to make it at my family kitchen table as a youngster. Over the years Scéal has appeared on thousands of Christmas tables and been shared as part of countless celebrations. I’m very proud that my family is now connected to many others on such an important day of the year.”

at the market all three days

The Hare and The Moon Apothecary

Working with the spirit of the land, the plants, the planets, the Sun and the Moon. Aromatherapy Spray Mists filled with the highest quality organic flower waters, essential oils and vibrational essences. Made with love and intention by Danú O’Callaghan in East Clare. She will be selling her oils, sprays, sheepskins and ceremonial grade cacao made by a Women’s Co-op in Guatemala.

“My inspiration is that natural scents can enhance, uplift or ground mood. With our lives being so busy and many not having access to nature, I have designed three products that are always at arms’ reach that can bring us back to feeling emotionally balanced. These aromatherapy sprays are personal sprays for your immediate space to spray around your auric field. Safe for the skin, with no chemicals.”

at the market on sunday

Voyage Lamps

Beautiful lamps created from a sailor’s collection of nautical charts.

“Hello. My name is Aoife Banville and I am a visual artist constantly working with light. I love exploring the way different materials mediate light and the poetic emotions of light. 

After acquiring a sailor’s lifetime collection of nautical charts, I was struck by the aesthetic beauty of their design. My imagination was sparked by the exciting adventures and the exotic voyages that they represented. These charts have sailed all over the world, from the Arctic to the Antarctic, aiding the sailor to navigate the Seven Seas. 

Determined to use these beautiful objects in some way I became enchanted by the quality of light they emanated. I decided to create a series of lamps out of them. Each chart is hand-crafted into a beautiful, completely original, one off lamp. They have become beautiful gifts of light encapsulated in a story of voyage.”

At the market on sunday

White Mausu

Those delectable condiments that go with absolutely everything, in beautifully packaged box sets for grab and go gifting. 

“We are Delighted to be back in the birthplace of our business – The Fumbally – It was among the cafe walls that the ideas of jarring up our rāyu became a reality. We started off at the infamous flea market around the corner alongside scéal bakery and a bunch of other merry misfits. 

Alongside our usuals we will be doing a very soft launch of a new smoky addition ( not tooting our own horns but it’s lush) and a crunchier improved rāyu!!!  Also for the old timers we are doing up some chilli vinegar pickle. All small batches old school style. “

at the market all three days


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