December 8th, 9th & 10th 2023

at The Fumbally Stables

Friday 12 – 7pm

Saturday 10 – 6pm

Sunday 10 – 6pm

* the fumbally café & shop will be open all three days alongside the market

rotating stalls of food producers, artists, independent crafters and creatives


all indoors


Doni Doni

Hello! I’m Ibrahim, aka Lefah, and I’ve founded Doni Doni to bring beautiful bogolan mud cloth from Mali to Ireland. I work with artisan craftspeople from two studios in my hometown of Ségou, Mali, who create contemporary homeware and textiles using the traditional Bogolan technique.

All our homeware is handmade using sustainable, natural dyes from nature and mud from the Niger river bed. You’ll find scarves, cushions, throws, wall hangings as well as jewellery and leather handmade by the nomadic Tuareg tribe based in the Sahara desert. My mission is to create sustainable income for craftspeople in Mali while sharing the beauty of Bogolan with Dubliners and beyond.

trading at the market Friday & Saturday

The Dirt Bird

The Dirt Bird is a burst of wit, colour & kitchy chaos! She is a total Gas Bitch. She has a love for colour & humour. She is a veteran market staller, with her first market being a jumble sale in her front garden aged 7 and sold all of her toys to her neighbour for a shiny pound coin. Delighted with herself so she was. Fast forward 27 years later and she is still floggin’ her wares. 

Everything is designed by Sarah Devereux aka The Dirt Bird locally in her studio. Everything is hand drawn, painted or illustrated by Sarah, and then printed onto gifts ranging from jumpers, tshirts, beanies, teatowels, totebags, cards, prints and the infamous decorative plates. 

She designs humorous merchandise. Irish cult. From silly and cheesy to the very bold!
Some of the main words used to describe The Dirt Bird are :
OMG Gas, Tacky, Colourful, BOLD, Dirty, Kitschy, Cute, Pretty, Ugly, Witty, Weird.

trading at the market all three days


”We collect, treasure, appreciate and love vintage clothes! We are bringing our very best collection of Shirts, jumpers and jackets from all times and all seasons to make them popular again. They are all UNISEX, UNIQUE & OVERSIZED.”

”We gather, connect and create a community of love and support”

trading at the market on Sunday

Enrich & Endure

My name is Sarah – ‘the Apron Lady’ and Mummy to 2 small babies. We are a small-ish artisan business, with just me and our local production team making beautiful Irish Linen Aprons. Our Aprons are handcrafted using 100% Irish Linen in our studio here in County Down. Any fabric left over from cutting the Aprons we make into Napkins or Tea Towels so no fabric is ever wasted. 

At the market we will have a wide selection of these aprons, tea towels & napkins for sale

trading at the market on Sunday


We create products inspired by both the beautiful surroundings of Cape Clear Island, West Cork, and by our feeling of connection to our Celtic ancestors through art and nature.

Our products are made using soy wax, essential oils and other natural ingredients. It is very important to us that our products are natural, and provide an authentic experience of nature at home, as well as providing relaxing and healing properties.

Each of our products are made by hand, in small batches, and include floral or plant decorations, most of which are locally sourced on the island.

trading at the market Friday & Saturday

Jack Smith – Woodturner

Jack is a woodturner from Dublin 8. Self taught, he enjoys pushing limits and experimenting with materials. He prefers to use locally sourced wood drawing inspiration from the remarkable craftsmen of the ancient orient. Playing with the challenges of scale and varieties of wood creates a tension that dictates the final shapes. 

His work includes large and small scale table-wear, decorative vessels and light shades. One of Jack’s great passions is teaching his craft. He is currently woodturning instructor at The Yard Solas Project, Dublin 8, where young people are trained in a new skill set.

trading at the market all 3 days

Kevin Keane Clay

I’m Kevin – 3 months ago, I quit my job in a climate NGO, to give my passion for clay a go full-time. I spent most of 2023 working remotely, and took the opportunity to travel by land from Dublin to Marrakech and from there up to Oslo, stopping in loads of different ceramics studios on the way. That experience filled me with inspiration, and a huge level of respect for clay, and the infinite possibilities it holds. I came back to Ireland at the beginning of November, and set up a temporary studio in my granny’s old house in West Clare, near Spanish Point. 

Kevin will be selling his rock jar range, a range of cups, soy sauce bowls, trinket jars, and ashtrays, as well as a small number of larger one-off pieces and vases. 

trading at the market on Sunday

Liadain Aiken

I’m Liadain.  I am a knitwear designer from Co. Louth and I live in West Cork.  I work from a very integrated home studio that looks out over Roaring Water Bay.  I’ve been designing and making knitwear for 10 years now, creating unisex adult clothes and accessories for babies to granddads.  I work with a small team of 2 knitters who work from their homes and a seasonal studio assistant.  I mainly use merino wool from Donegal Yarns and a heritage scottish company.  

Since 2021 I’ve started to work with Irish grown wool and also with natural dye expert Talú to create a Tie Dye and Dip Dyed range called Dathú.  All of our knitwear is made fully fashioned on hand-driven knitting machines and finished by hand.  There is a lot of skill and care put into each piece.

At the market I will have a wide range of hats, jumpers, scarves and other wooly creations.

trading at the market all 3 days

Open Hive Honey

OpenHive is a beekeeping company and community run by Kyle Petrie, Mark Earley and Jack McGrath, three beekeepers based in Dublin, Wicklow and Galway. The simple focus of OpenHive is to harness a combined passion for beekeeping with a need for environmental sustainability. 

Launched in November 2019 OpenHive rears and breeds Irish black honeybees. To support this process OpenHive sells locally-produced Irish honey from apiaries in our three locations, Dublin, Wicklow and Galway. 

At the market this year we will have summer blossom honey, heather honey and soft set honey.

trading at the market Friday & Saturday

White Mausu

Was born and grew up In the Fumbally kitchen, it started as a notion of an idea to jar a spicy connoction coined Peanut Rāyu that was being served up in the kitchens on rice bowls and staff meals.
We are now in our 7th year of business with a pretty loyal following in Ireland and UK. We strive to make extremely tasty sauces that bring joy and happiness to kitchen shelves globally.
We are delighted to be bringing a few special treats for this years market. We will have limited and exclusive jars of a collaboration product with the great people of open hive honey. A fermented chilli honey using their gorgeous wicklow honey and Jenny Mc’nally’s Irish chillis.
We will also have the first round of our newly designed T shirts for sale.
Alongside all our usuals we are bringing some market favorite’s back.  And so  will have limited amounts of Cashew crunch and chilli pickle too.

trading at the market all 3 days

Blue Bridge House

Blue Bridge House is a textile studio based in Dublin 8, run by designer & maker Laura. She’s also a passionate sourdough home baker with a background in dance and movement and a love of all handcrafted things.

Laura drew inspiration from the place where she first started sewing and created the foundations of her business, her surroundings in the wild nature of Co. Clare as well as her interest in reducing waste and changing our habits as conscious consumers.

Laura is now based in the vibrant Dublin 8 area and continues to keep creativity and sustainability at the heart of her small business. She works from a carefully selected range of natural fibres such as organic cotton, hemp, linen and naturally dyed fabrics to create unique handmade ethical collections of homeware and accessories with a sustainable ethos.

trading at the market on Sunday


Samuel Arnold Keane is a forager, illustrator, musician… merging various art forms to tell the stories of the seaweeds, coasts and streets he gathers, wades and walks. 

At the essence of his creative practice is a passion for the natural world and to share this with others through song, performance, image and word. 

At the market he will be selling his prints, illustrated booklets, original pieces using natural papers and inks…all revolving around foraging and connecting to the magic and wonder of the living world.  

trading at the market on Sunday

Imara Earth

IMARA earth is a considered fashion brand with a touch of homewares. 99% of our products are made in Ireland, by myself and my seamstress in Donegal and Galway. We feel passionate about making unique and luxurious items with carefully considered and luxurious materials. 

We have a bunch of unisex pieces, with our best seller at Christmas being our organic cotton and Irish linen fleeces. We also make matching vests, some super fun printed Co-ord trousers & shirts, our much adored HAG (hat / bag hybrid). Our latest collection of pieces is 100% zero waste, which includes round bolster cushions, tissue box covers, aprons and patchwork tote bags all made from our larger garment off-cuts. 

For every IMARA earth piece we plant a tree on my family farm in Donegal, in a hope to cancel out our carbon footprint.

trading at the market on Sunday

Harry’s Nut Butter

Harry’s Nut Butter was born in the Fumbally’s very own kitchen in 2019. Harry was a chef there and when lockdown hit, The Fumbally supported him in starting his own business and he’s back in the room where it all started, to sling his wares. 

Though he’s left the kitchen, he hasn’t left the neighborhood and he’s making all his nut butters only a 10-minute walk away. Now he’s having a lot of fun developing a whole host of new peanut products including 6 different peanut butters, 3 nut butter truffles, 2 nut butter beers and some market exclusive merch.

trading at the market all 3 days

The Dublin Honey Bee Project

We bring you RAW DUBLIN HONEY harvested by the Dublin Honeybee Project, unheated and course-filter to retain all its natural goodness.

More than 15 years ago we recognised the need to support our native Irish honeybees and the wider urban environment, by keeping bees within Dublin city. To fund this, we bring our honey direct to honey fans, post-coded to allow customers to choose a honey that is as local as possible. We just love bees and our colony management is always centred around looking after their welfare. In August we take the girls on their holidays to the Dublin Mountains, where they gather amazing heather honey. Heather honey has been proven to have greater levels of health-giving anti-oxidants and phenolic compounds than Manuka honey. Please enjoy this wonderful health-giving natural superfood. 

trading at the market on Sunday

The Dublin Herb Bike

The Dublin Herb Bike is a mobile clinic providing free, herbal care and comfort to communities in need around Dublin.  We are a collective of herbalists and herb lovers who built this project from the street up – making our medicines as a community and then sharing them with folks in need.  In addition to our free pop-up clinics (you can find us on the 3rd Thursday of each month in front of the GPO), we also offer community herbal education, from Plant Rambles to Medicine Making Workshops.  

We will be selling some of our most popular herbal remedies, such as Elderberry Fire Cider, Immune Defender Compound, Aromatic Inhalers, Hot Toddy Spiced Syrup and more! 

trading at the market on Saturday & Sunday

Morning Star Vintage

Morning Star Vintage is thrilled to bits to be back at the Fumbally Christmas Market. I have been stocking up on some proper vintage goodies to kit you and your nearest and dearest out for the Wintery festive season.

I shall be serving up vintage colour and print for one and all with oodles of wooly jumpers, some seriously slick blazers, timeless tailored coats and a bit of sequins and sparkle….be rude not to!

trading at the market all 3 days

Braw Chocolate

Braw was founded in 2020 by Anna Coffey Lynch, a pastry chef and chocolatier. Braw specialises in making chocolate bars, confectionary and seasonal creations using sustainable and ethical chocolate from Colombian producer, Luker Chocolate. All our chocolate bars are made in small batches and hand wrapped.

trading at the market all 3 days

Bodhi Blends

Bodhi Blends is a humble little shop of sprays, balms and lotions using plant based potions. Working with high quality, organic and ethically sourced botanical ingredients to create products that are designed to support and nourish inside and out. Carefully crafted by hand in small batches with lots of love in Dublin by Aisling Walsh.

trading at the market all 3 days

Iggy’s Little Demons

Crafted unique and quirky creatures!

These little buddies are not just toys, they’re the real deal. Picture a playful plush toy vibe meeting a dash of creepiness – that’s them! Each demon is a visual feast, oozing personality and a story of its own. They’re not just objects; they’re emotional companions, secret keepers, adventure buddies, partners in crime.

And… they’re eco-friendly too. Stitched together from donated clothes and fabrics, they’re 100% recycled. The devil’s in the details, every creation gets an obsessive dose of attention. Not just collector’s items; they’re one-of-a-kind treasures.

trading at the market all 3 days

Mangan Studio

Mangan Studio is a pottery studio set in a stone grain loft in Co.Wexford by the Blackstairs mountains. Established by Gayle James in 2020 to produce functional pottery for the home alongside teaching people to create their own work.

I’m interested in making pots that promote good food and nourish the people who use them. The process of making so directly with my hands connects me back to myself, it’s why I teach people how to make their own pots, to bring community into the making process and share the empowering tools it offers.  It comes down to building and contributing to a community of people who take care of each other and themselves.

trading at the market all 3 days


Alison Nea is a textile designer from Dun Laoghaire, Co. Dublin and the founder of Modh. Her practice originated from a profound passion for textiles, coupled with an insatiable curiosity for the art of creating vibrant colours and captivating prints straight from Mother Nature. The driving force behind her practice draws from concerns of fast-paced, contemporary life and offers space to take a step back to appreciate and respect the natural world.

Alison’s work is primarily centred around experimenting with foraged plant life. She creates eco printed organic cotton t-shirts, eco printed and naturally dyed textile art and original handcrafted wearable pieces made from Irish linen and other natural repurposed vintage fabrics.

trading at the market Friday & Saturday

Native Circles Art

Native Circles Art are a unique set of artworks designed by Emilie Robyn Archer to bring nature connection into your everyday living spaces. Each piece illustrates a natural cycle, inviting you to journey and reflect in time with nature. They’re designed to be turned by hand with the changing seasons. Think of them as field guides to a simpler life more connected to the wonder of the natural world.

trading at the market all 3 days

Brenda Kearney Pottery

Brenda is an artist and self-taught potter, who has learned through experiments and visits to national and international potters. Her travels have taken her to Peru, where she explored collections of Moche pottery; Japan, where she fell in love with the Mingei work of the early 1900s, and Mexico, where she had the privilege of working with a potter in an unbroken lineage of Pre-Colombian artisans in the hills of Oaxaca. She makes one-of-a-kind handbuilt pots in her studio in Sligo, in a variety of stoneware, earthenware and porcelain, and loves the individual quality of each handmade piece.

trading at the market all 3 days

Badly Made Books

Badly Made Books is a print studio and book factory in Togher, Cork City who specialize in producing recycled paper stationery. We choose recycled and post-consumer waste papers which we print, bind and finish at our studio.

This year our focus is on introducing reusability and repairability to our products with the launch of our 2024 calendars and book.stick notebooks. The book stick system allows users to replace used pages easily – hopefully with waste paper. We hope this can be a small step to seeing reusability and repairability introduced to many more everyday items. 

trading at the market Friday & Saturday

Adele Stanley

Adele is a ceramicist based in rural County Waterford. Adele makes a range of functional porcelain objects that are inspired by simplicity of form, clean lines, and bright colour. She strives to make useful, simple objects that people can enjoy and use every day.

The forms are slip cast using liquid porcelain, and once dried and finished, are painted with layers of coloured slips to create vivid surfaces. The coloured clay is sanded and left unglazed, enhancing its tactile quality and is contrasted with shiny glazed surfaces. The pieces are fine and light but also robust and durable.

trading at the market on Sunday

FAO Millinery

FAO Millinery is a contemporary hat brand for both men and women, founded by Freya Oatway. Freya, who was born and raised in Rathgar and operates her studio in Harolds Cross, launched her brand in 2017 to promote craftsmanship and foster an appreciation for the essential accessory. With a strong focus on quality and thoughtful functionality, the collections are crafted using only the finest natural materials, while combining the traditional technique of hand blocking and new millinery techniques. From fedoras and panama hats to beanies, her diverse collections are designed to bring out each individual’s character and elevate their everyday.

trading at the market on Friday & Saturday


Dia dhuit! We are SEACHTÓ, the nostalgic florist. Seán & Ingrid is our names. We started as a floral art project in 2019 with the aim of invoking an intimate and authentic connection to the natural world.

We are constantly inspired by the disco scenes of the 1970’s, An Ghaeilge, céilí’s and all the faeries and folx that danced before us.

We do all things floral, from small hand-tied bouquets to large scale events. We are hugely passionate about growing and sourcing our own materials sustainably and pushing out the parameters of creative floristry in Ireland.

We are so excited to be back at the Fumbally this year, with lots of festive goodies in tow to deck your doors, halls and walls with our well-known wreathes, table arrangements, gifts and hot flowers.

trading at the market on Friday & Saturday


Kirkmodern sources vintage originals and iconic mid-century modern design classics from around the world. Specialising in Scandinavian post-war design, kirkmodern sells a range of original mid-century furniture, ceramics, vintage glass and accessories. 

I started collecting Scandinavian designs when I worked as a creative director in advertising. I buy original-interesting, quirky and iconic designs from the 1950s-1970s and I only buy things I like – I hope you like them too!

trading at the market all 3 days


Seanéadaí is a collection of vintage clothing gathered in Ireland.

My name is Sinéad and I have always been fascinated by old clothes. I search for pieces to pass on, Irish made woolen garments, tweeds, classic tailoring and knitwear. Wearable, tactile, quiet gems to dress up or down.

I love taking care of old textiles, reviving knitwear and mending or darning if need be. I champion slow-fashion and buying secondhand. This year for the Fumbally Christmas Market I have a

beautiful selection of separates, ready to be reworn,  cherished and kept in circulation.

trading at the market on Friday & Saturday

Mundo MOO

Hey, I’m Daniel Mooney of MUNDO MOO. I’m a half Irish, half Brazilian illustrator and designer. From my t-shirts to my prints, everything is carefully designed and made by myself here in my studio in Dublin.

Illustration has always been my favourite and after transitioning to digital I found a love for colour. My work usually has people as its focus with a hint of 90’s and 00’s nostalgia. I also have a large adoration for Japanese culture that can be seen throughout my work.

trading at the market on Friday & Saturday

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