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  The Autumn Series is the perfect representation of why we set up The Fumbally Stables. To engage people in different aspects of food, community and health. But also to have a bit of craic while doing it.       We haven’t set this up with sack loads of cash as an end goal. [...]

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  Its a bumper crop for apples in Ireland this year. They are early, abundant and so, so delicious. A few of us took the chance to go down to Westmeath last weekend for the first of the season harvest and some home-brew cider making.       Apples are one of the few fruit [...]

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  This day one month ago we lost a dear friend. We saw her fight and brave the swift advance of a very aggressive and determined cancer. One that in the end she so honourably accepted and with such strength let go to. She was up against it those last few months and never once [...]

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fresh cheese from waste milk


When a barista makes a milky drink, a flat white, latte etc. nine times out of ten they will have some frothy milk leftover in the end of their jug. The better the barista, the less milk there will be but generally there is always a little something. For most people this goes down the [...]

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Finlough Farm Exchange


  At the beginning of September we started a farm programme with Finlough – one of our organic suppliers in Co. Roscommon. Every week we send down one of our chefs who spends a few days learning about the soil, weeding, how to trim plants properly,  how to weed properly, how to harvest correctly, how [...]

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Japanese Knotweed


Japanese knotweed (Fallopia Japonica) is an invasive alien. A pest. Feared by most gardeners or land owners, its root system is so aggressive that it dominates and eventually kills pretty much all other herbaceous life around it over the course of a few years. The root system is made up of incredibly hardy rhizomes that [...]

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SignA is the culmination of a few years of creative input from Stefano Schiavocampo & Massi Galli, with Rossa Cassidy and Brian O’Shea pulled in for live shows. Stefano has been working with us for over 7 years, since we were selling Pizzella and steak sandwiches at festivals to when we opened The Fumbally three [...]

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the stables


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Drinks – Fermenting, Pressing, Milking


The new kitchen in The Stables has opened up so many doors for us – more space, more room to play, experiment and explore and a definite freedom of not being restricted by the busy-ness of the cafe. One of the first things we did with the new kitchen was to start making all our [...]

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  We are looking for someone to join the kitchen team in January. As our kitchen doesn’t follow the traditional head chef – sous chef structure you should be capable of ALL aspects of the kitchen. From creation of dishes and flavour pairing to prep systems, fridge management, stock & ordering and connecting with customers [...]

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