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Who’s at the Hatch

Scéal Bakery are currently our hatch door inhabitants at The Stables – you can find them every Thursday and Saturday at the roller shutter down fumbally lane from 10.30am – 1.30pm You can pre-order their breads and pastries or just rock up on the day and hope the queue isn’t too long.

Dining In and Out

Indoor dining is now back in full swing and we should hope to join the rest of the industry with indoor seating very soon. We won’t be going back to being a full café though, the shop is definitely here to stay. So we will have some sort of hybrid shop / café hopefully ready […]


  Sunday and Monday is our weekend. Our time to rest. But the Café will be open on exception on Monday October 1st and Monday October 8th to host two days of exhibition and performance from artists Tom Campbell (Oct 1st) and Jota Castro (Oct 8th) as part of this years EAT:ITH event series. Each […]

EAT:ITH 2018 workshops // events // talks

    through SEPTEMBER AND OCTOBER   the EAT : ITH food series will be back in The Fumbally Stables for a full month of workshops, events, talks, dinners, markets and music gigs.   check out   www.eat-ith.com   for the full programme of events  


  As a starting point….all our wines in the cafe these days are as minimal intervention as possible.   …what does that mean?   Well, You might hear us calling them ‘Natural‘ wines. Surely all wines are natural? Actually, no.    Did you know that up to 50 additives can be put into a bottle of […]


        In collaboration with Le Caveau Wine Merchants and Anthony Cointre. With visiting natural winemakers Agnés and Jean Foillard and Thierry Puzelat Le Caveau presents an exclusive evening event focusing on minimal intervention wines and no frills seasonal French cooking, with a lot of heart.  Antony Cointre, the Flying Cook, will be […]


  We always have two different coffees in our hoppers – our house roaster and our guest. 3FE have been our house roasters for coming on five years now and our guests rotate every few months between Irish and International roasters. Our guest coffee at the moment is The Coffee Collective from Copenhagen.     You may […]

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