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Deirdre and Norman

Deirdre and Norman have been farming their land in Carney, Kildare organically since 1989. We’ve known them since 2008 when we first started to run the cafe in the co-op and have been meaning to go down to visit them pretty much since then. We finally managed the trip last week (always a pleasure to get out of the city on a really cold crisp sunny winter day).

We’ve set up weekly deliveries to the fumbally with whatever they have in season, this week we had the pleasure of some leeks, parsnips and some amazing cavolo nero. Hopefully some bok choi on the way next week and some sweet as hell beetroot.


We bought a fig tree back in July, on which one solitary, proud fig has been maturing for the last four months. It finally gave way and fell last week.    


Kaethe Burt O’Dea has become one of Dublin’s most dedicated community activists, every time we meet her she’s heading up another amazing project for the better good. One of the things she’s currently working on is the SPUDS project, promoting biodiversity and awareness surrounding our most treasured of Irish possessions, the potato.

Jennifer Evans at Dawn

We’ve been waiting for Jennifer Evans to finish her new album for too long! We don’t quite know if she’ll be playing the new stuff next Monday but either way its going to be one beautiful, beautiful show. Its an early one – 6AM  – Alabaster DePlume will be starting off at 6.30 and Jennifer will play through sunrise (which is officially 7.24am).

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