Buffalo Woman – March 28th

Neil Watkins is an Internationally acclaimed Poet and Playwright. He is. He is also likely to be serving you falafel and eggs on any given Saturday in the Fumbally, which is amazing really. Just like so many of our staff who all have these incredible talents that we are so privileged to see every now and again outside of working hours (sometimes inside of working hours, which is even more of a privilege).

Dipping his nib into so many different milieux (actor, playwright, singer, dancer, all round performer), Neil is one of the most talented people we know and we are delighted to be hosting his first ever rock concert in the fumbally.

Support from the great  Stefano Schiavocampo

Thursday March 28th 7.30pm

There’ll be a pot of something on the stove for hungry folk on the night

all the details here: Facebook


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