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Our Specials change every two days.

At the end of every month the kitchen sits down and goes through the menu for the following month. This is where we get to play around, try out new ideas, hone in on old ones and generally keep the juices flowing. All of our chefs have an equal input into these dishes and get to put their own stamp on the menu each week. Our food will always be an extension of the amazing people we work with because of this.

Looking at the specials board is a reflection of who is working in the kitchen that day, and if you knew some of our chefs you’d be able to tell straight away who’s dish is who’s.

The tag-team days are a nice way for us to pit two versions of the same dish against each other. Otherwise it depends on the seasons, whether the sun is shining or not and generally what we’re being inspired by at any given time.


5 mexican chillies, slow roast pork belly & chorizo chilli
Smoked Sweet Potato and White Gypsy Stout Chilli


making corn tortillas for Tinga – Jessica’s Mexican influence in the kitchen at the moment





poor man’s asparagus and rich man’s eggs







momofuku inspired pork buns



tofu burger



racking up eggs for ‘Green Eggs and Ham’ on a Saturday






What to do with leftover avocado? Chocolate mousse of course




free lunch for anyone who can guess what this once was!!!

hint: there were only two ingredients




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