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D.O.D at the Fumbally

We love people who have ideas and follow them through. David O Doherty wanted to see what people’s comedy acceptence levels were like before 9am. So he put on a free gig at 8.15am on a sunny thursday morning in June. What a great way to start the day.

When things were so simple

This is what we started out with when we were still waiting for half our kitchen to arrive. I sometimes think, wouldn’t it be amazing to just do those two things for ever. Would the people come for just that? If they did would we get bored of it? Probably.

New Brews

After a good deal of deliberation we have decided to change coffee and tea suppliers. It came down to two amazing local roasters Has Bean (Dublin/Stafford) and The Golden Bean (East Cork) and if we could we would get both. But for the moment we’re sticking with the one grinder and keeping it simple with just the one bean – from Has Bean (www.hasbean.co.uk).

Opening Night

We had an opening. Well we had already been open for 3 weeks but I’ve been told that it was a ‘soft launch’ (whatever that is). Anyway, we had some friends around, all the people who helped out in whatever way… and there were tons of you!

The Fumbally 2021