Getting off to a good start

Settling back in nicely…


picking the last of the crab apples from a tree around the corner to go with a slow roast pork belly


hangin’ out with some cumin spiced labneh


A new love for all things bergamot, being put to good use in Brenda’s baking


Bergamot (Sicily) & Apple (Waterford) – the first of this year’s cordials, which will change each month


new Specials board


New coffee menu with a permanent Single Origin offering (finally…..after a good bit of playing around with the new EK). Singles will change weekly


Fool Issue *4 has just arrived.


We got a little excited. And so did some customers, who came in throngs yesterday to buy the new edition. This one is all about Italy, but there aint no checkered tablecloth in sight. This is real Italy as it is now. The struggle to break out of decades of over-used clichés and stale menus, yet hold on to tradition and maintain the beautiful ethos towards food that made it so good in the first place.