Mandarins Clementines Satsumas Tangerines

A Mandarin is a fruit. Clementines, Tangerines and Satsumas are types of mandarin. Just so we’re all clear on that one. (I actually had to look it up). Whichever one you manage to get your hands on they are at their best this time of year. Well we’re actually coming towards the end of their glory unfortunately.

Oh so sweet and delicious, I was reminded of their utter delight on a recent trip to Antwerp where a dessert of Ginger Crisp, Mandarin Sorbet and White Chocolate stood out as the winner of an already outstanding meal at l’Epicerie du Cirque. The photo doesn’t do it any justice….


 Just as nice was coming back to Dublin to find some new arrivals of clementines in our Veg Suppliers. They took prime position beside the till in the Fumbally for the few days that they lasted.

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