Drop Everything


There is something so fundamentally  right about cooking over fire outdoors.

Mary Nally asked us to cook at this year’s Drop Everything festival on Inis Oirr and it was breakfast that beckoned. We wanted to do something that acknowledged the island and perhaps a nod to a time gone by. With the lost cooking method of the fulacht fia as our starting point we took to the ground and buried some porridge. An eggs dish was also needed so we borrowed some inspiration from abroad with a spiced tomato sauce, asked a local woman to bake the soda bread, eggs from the mainland and picked that morning from the island – rock samphire, sea campion and pepper dulse (the italians can do truffle, we can do pepper dulse!)

Yet as always it is not only the food that makes the memory, but the people and the place. The sun can provide joy that only landscape can improve and the friends that you share it with make it all worthwhile.


Smoked Seaweed Porridge buried overnight
purple clover sugar
whiskey gorse raisins
stewed rhubarb
& toasted almond oats

Inis Oirr eggs
Paula’s brown bread
Shakshuka tomatoes
rock samphire
sea campion
& pepper dulse

Drop Everything is a prototype for a festival, a profound curation of art, culture, music, food and place. Where one becomes completely immersed for the duration of their stay and where the small print reads that

*everything is subject to change



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