One of the hardest things to do is to let good people go. But when you know that what they are leaving for is greater than what they would be staying for it makes it a little easier.

Jasper & Katie have both left their mark in the Fumbally and have gone on to create something incredibly special in the West of Ireland. We’re sure they will be back with us in some shape or form in the next few years but for now, what they are doing is more than brilliant and we wouldn’t want them to be doing anything else. Their food is completely indigenous, inspiring and brave and the atmosphere they have created in their dining room is totally unique. The setting is dream like and the people surrounding them are brimming with open hearts.

Dillisk is a new champion of Irish Cuisine and a move towards a simpler life.

Guys, we are so proud of you.



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The Fumbally 2021