Jul 26th – VENEZUELA

Venezuelan BBQ
a selection of chargrilled meats(rib roast, flank, spiced sausage) served with steamed cassava, guasacaca(traditional avocado sauce)and a palm heart, tomato and iceberg salad
fried green plantains served with black beans, gubbeen cheese, house sweet chili sauce and slaw

July 19th – GUMBO

Gumbo New Orleans – Higgin’s andouille sausage, chicken and shrimp in a Cajun spiced stew


Gumbo z’herbes – McNallys greens and black beans in a Cajun spiced stew w/ barbecued corn

both over creole rice w/ McNallys tenderstem broccoli

July 12th – IRELAND

slow roast shoulder of Westmeath reared Tamworth pork

w/ floury new queens potatoes, sorrel salsa verde

and rapeseed aioli


traditional Donegal potato farl

w/young Wicklow goats cheese, broad beans,

green peas and gooseberries


July 5th – MOLE NEGRO

Quesadilla de cecina


Quesadilla de quesillo


both served with traditional Oaxacan mole of arbol, cascabel and guajillo chilli with cacao and chilli

salsa roja, salsa verde tortillas and guacamole




June 28th – FRANCE

steak tartare

with hand cut chips and McNally’s organic dressed leaves


tian Provencale

with young raw Wicklow goats cheese, summer bean salad

and Scéal bakery sourdough

June 21st – MIDDLE EAST

Shared plates of Mezze

labneh with sumac, baba ganoush, muhammara, mixed olives, pickles and fresh grilled za’atar flatbreads

with a choice of:

lamb kofte w/ zoug, yogurt and pink onions


stuffed McNallys courgettes w/ spiced tomato


June 14th – TOSTADAS

Blue corn tortillas topped with three Summer-y aguachiles:
grapefruit + avocado + mint
tomatillo + grilled scallion + coriander
ginger + radish + chamomile

Choose seasonal greens or lime marinated blossom

Served with grilled corn and pickled jalapeno slaw

June 7th – N. THAILAND – LARB

Hot and Sour dish from N. Thailand / Laos border region of fragrant herbs, roasted peanut and toasted pounded rice flour.

choose between stir fried beef OR marinated mushrooms

both served with sticky rice, local fermented vegetables and condiments



traditional Tuscan porchetta served with organic roast potatoes, garlic greens and bitter leaves, salsa verde and confit garlic


for the vegetarians we have a slow cooked capponata to accompany the potatoes, greens, salsa verde and confit garlic


a very special dinner for us, celebrating some rare breed tamworth pigs from Westmeath

read more about why we are doing this dinner and where the pigs are coming from HERE


Crispy fried silken tofu in a tentsuyu broth with steamed sushi rice, pickled vegetables and wakame seaweed, wilted spinach, mustard greens and dashimaki omelette



agedashi braised pork on steamed sushi rice, served with pickled vegetables and wakame seaweed, wilted spinach, mustard greens and dashimaki omelette

The Fumbally 2021