This Is How We Fly – Apr 30th

This Is How We Fly are an incredible collective of musicians. For those who are unfamiliar with them, expect beautiful arrangements for fiddle, clarinet, synths, percussion and toes. Ten toes and a pair of tap shoes are part and parcel of the band’s percussion!!   As with the End Is Nigh gig back in December, […]

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Easter Rising – March 31st

Young Hearts Run Free have been putting on inspiring music and literary events for the past 4 years – always in aid of the simon community and always in not so obvious spaces. Great to have them in the fumbally on this coming Easter Sunday. Music from the wonderful Alasdair Roberts, Peadair O’Riada and Mossy […]

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Buffalo Woman – March 28th

Neil Watkins is an Internationally acclaimed Poet and Playwright. He is. He is also likely to be serving you falafel and eggs on any given Saturday in the Fumbally, which is amazing really. Just like so many of our staff who all have these incredible talents that we are so privileged to see every now […]

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Queens Queers and Tarts – March 9th

Wildside and Queens of Neon at The Fumbally Saturday March 9th 6 Course Meal Performances by Margie Lewis, Neil Watkins & Gar Cox Music from Amo €50 Wine available on the night for €22/€32 bottle Tickets through the Fumbally – we can’t take credit card bookings (sorry) so pop down when you are passing by […]

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Oh Sleep

Myles O Reilly made a lovely video of Lisa Hannigan singing  at ‘The End Is Nigh’ Gig back in December…….   HERE IT IS      

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The End is Nigh

DATE: 20/12/2012

Well if it’s the end of the world we may as well all go down together!

We’ll be celebrating la fin du monde on 20/12/2012 with some Mayan inspired food, and wonderfully beautiful music from Aidan Crowley, 3epekano and Lisa Hannigan.

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Diatribe Album Launch

DATE: 23/11/2012

Diatribe will be launching their new Tronix Album in the Fumbally on Friday 23rd, the first of eight new releases from the Independent Irish Label.

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DATE: 18/11/2012

Kaethe Burt O’Dea has become one of Dublin’s most dedicated community activists, every time we meet her she’s heading up another amazing project for the better good. One of the things she’s currently working on is the SPUDS project, promoting biodiversity and awareness surrounding our most treasured of Irish possessions, the potato.

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Jennifer Evans at Dawn

DATE: 29/10/2012

We’ve been waiting for Jennifer Evans to finish her new album for too long! We don’t quite know if she’ll be playing the new stuff next Monday but either way its going to be one beautiful, beautiful show. Its an early one – 6AM  – Alabaster DePlume will be starting off at 6.30 and Jennifer will play through sunrise (which is officially 7.24am).

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D.O.D at the Fumbally

DATE: 12/07/2012

We love people who have ideas and follow them through. David O Doherty wanted to see what people’s comedy acceptence levels were like before 9am. So he put on a free gig at 8.15am on a sunny thursday morning in June. What a great way to start the day.

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