SignA is the culmination of a few years of creative input from Stefano Schiavocampo & Massi Galli, with Rossa Cassidy and Brian O’Shea pulled in for live shows.

Stefano has been working with us for over 7 years, since we were selling Pizzella and steak sandwiches at festivals to when we opened The Fumbally three years ago. He is one of the many artists and musicians that have worked with us over the years.

The opportunity arose last year for us to help them out with the production of their album which we very gladly did. We financed the pressing of the vinyl and the first 90 copies sold will go back to paying off this cost. The second 90 sold goes to the band and the remaining 70 will go into a pot for future similar commissions. (perhaps a second press if demand is there….)






The launch of this EP took place in The Stables last week.

You can buy the vinyl direct from us at the café or a digital download from their website


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