Dec 21st – WILD GAME

N. Dublin Pheasant, Duck and Mallard seared and lightly roasted, and served with McNally’s crown prince pumpkin purée, garlic potatoes and game jus . we will be serving up the whole bird, and in order to do this you may not have exactly the same cut as the table next to you.  Each cut will… Continue reading Dec 21st – WILD GAME


A warming and delicate barley risotto with slow roast Jerusalem artichokes and braised fennel, served with a cheese crisp, a side of house made focaccia and whipped north Dublin pumpkin. . (Smoked Gubbeen bacon can be added)

Dec 7th – PHO

The Vietnamese Classic Lightly grilled flank steak in a vietnamese-spiced bone broth, fragrant herbs and rice noodles with home-made Sriracha. OR Vietnamese-spiced vegetable broth with tamari and sesame-marinated mushrooms, fragrant herbs, rice noodles and home-made Sriracha.

nov 30th – SHEPHERDS PIE

the dish that we all know and love so well… . Slow cooked lamb with creamy mash and parmesan OR mushroom, garlicky chard and Wicklow goats cheese with creamy mash and parmesan . both served with sides of McNallys N. Dublin organic sautéed sweetheart cabbage and minty peas

nov 23rd – JAPAN

AGEDASHI Crispy fried silken tofu in a tentsuyu broth with steamed sushi rice, pickled vegetables and wakame seaweed, wilted spinach, mustard greens and dashimaki omelette OR   agedashi braised pork on steamed sushi rice, served with pickled vegetables and wakame seaweed, wilted spinach, mustard greens and dashimaki omelette


slow braised spiced ham hocks with creamy mash and a parsley sauce better than your mammy ever made (impossible) and for the vegetarians…. buttered leek and spring onion colcannon gnocchi, Gubbeen and camomile broth

nov 9th – ECUADOR

  Seco de Civo – braised Broughgammon goat OR Menestra de Porotes – spiced black beans and onion   both served with achiote yellow rice, fried plantains, avocado cream and encebollada salsa