Most cafés and coffee shops will take their own unique approach to how they serve their coffee, from what sizes the cups are to how they serve particular drinks. Here’s a few things that we do:

  • we work with speciality coffee roasters
  • we only use organic whole milk from The Village Dairy
  • we make our own sunflower milk (for those who don’t want dairy)
  • we serve a double shot as standard
  • we always have two different roasters on offer for espresso based drinks and one for filter 

Our current Roasters are:

The Coffee Collective – Copenhagen roaster with a strong emphasis on direct trade and sustainability

Bailies – Belfast based seasonal roaster

We mostly use single origins and as such, flavours will change with the seasons as crops come in from different farms throughout the year.

Beans and farm origin will be written on the board above the coffee machine and are available as filter or espresso.


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