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There was once upon a time over 30 breweries and distilleries in and around Fumbally Lane and the Blackpitts area. These local enterprises were probably at their peak in the mid 19th century and from there on began the demise of what used to be a thriving industry. For many a year now there has been no local brewing in Dublin 8.

We’re all too aware of how much of a monopoly certain companies have had over the drinks industry in recent years which is all about to change.  We now have a craft brewery who are up and running on Donore Ave just off the South Circular Road – the 5 Lamps Brewery and two distilleries in the pipeline – The Dublin Whiskey Company on Mill St. and Teelings on Newmarket Square. And no doubt there will be a few more that crop up over the next year or two.


We’ve just started stocking some of the 5 Lamps offerings to sit along side what we already have in the fridge – Porterhouse, White Gypsy, Mikkeler, Brooklyn, Brew Dog and Orpans

A sweet toasty Pale Ale the Liberties Ale and a rich malted porter in the Blackpitts Porter.



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