Something special


Our Specials change every two days. At the end of every month the kitchen sits down and goes through the menu for the following month. This is where we get to play around, try out new ideas, hone in on old ones and generally keep the juices flowing. All of our chefs have an equal [...]

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20130828_Trade 114_0248

We’re currently looking for a chef to fill some big boots. Katie will be leaving us at the end of April to create something amazing in the West of Ireland (keep an eye and an ear out for Dillisk in Aughrus just outside Cleggan) so we are looking for someone who is utterly passionate about [...]

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Mick The Veg


We came across Mick late last year when he had a glut of coriander he needed to get rid of, we thought he had said 1kg and he maintains he had said 4kg. So anyway, we ended up with 4kg of coriander that week and soon began to discuss if we could get all of [...]

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Local Brewing


  There was once upon a time over 30 breweries and distilleries in and around Fumbally Lane and the Blackpitts area. These local enterprises were probably at their peak in the mid 19th century and from there on began the demise of what used to be a thriving industry. For many a year now there [...]

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Getting off to a good start


Settling back in nicely…            

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Fool Issue *4 has just arrived.   We got a little excited. And so did some customers, who came in throngs yesterday to buy the new edition. This one is all about Italy, but there aint no checkered tablecloth in sight. This is real Italy as it is now. The struggle to break out of [...]

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Peruvian Diaries IV


    Traveling for roughly eight weeks in Peru at a rate of three meals per day works out at one hundred and sixty eight meals. That’s a lot of food. Of these, perhaps 50% or so will be shared, leaving roughly eighty meals to be taken solo. A further 10% falls into the category [...]

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Fumbally MK 4

photo-13 copy 2

Another Coffee update from our man Ger: A few weeks ago we changed over blends as the Central and South American coffees came back into season. We’ll be seeing a lot more in the coming months on the retail shelf and in the hopper as single origins and filters.. What I wanted to do with [...]

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Peruvian Diaries III


Traditionally, Andean communities recognised two types of health – the health of being well and the health of living well. A community is not in good health if one of its members is unwell, similarly a person cannot be considered fully well if they are not living well within the community. Of the physical illnesses, [...]

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Peruvian Diaries II


Two days in Lima and I was already well informed on Peru’s wealth of potatoes, with estimated guesses ranging from 3000 – 5000 varieties and types. What’s an extra thousand when you get past a certain point? I made my way to Huancayo, a place famous for the humble spud, and also home to Peru’s [...]

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